South Carolina NORML 2021 Membership Sign-Up.

Board of Directors


Lowcountry NORML is seeking nominees that possess the skills required to fulfill the duties of the board position applied for, along with the drive and conviction it takes to help guide the mission of a multi-faceted non-profit organization’s goals of educating the public on the reasons to vote to reform marijuana laws.

Board membership is an uncompensated volunteer position. Requires a commitment of a minimum of 12 hours per month.

Do you have what it takes to help guide the cannabis law reform, education, and advocacy efforts of Lowcountry NORML?

All positions are available.
Nominees must be members in good standing.
Nominees must submit both the nomination form, and the conflict of interest form. (link below)

Board Nomination Form

Conflict of Interest Statement Form


These are descriptions of duties and are to be used as guidelines. There are no absolute and specific limitations or obligations of responsibility or authority. The Board and Officers shall act as a team and be ready and willing to share information and duties. Board members shall cross-train and assist wherever possible.


The Executive Director provides the main leadership role for the chapter. The Executive Director is central to the direction and organization of the chapter, and is responsible for the following duties:

● Running the chapter Gmail account with the Communications Director

● Joining the monthly National conference call

● Filing taxes with Treasurer

● Talking to the press and conduct interviews on behalf of the Chapter


The Deputy Director is 2nd in command of the organization, and helps the Executive Director in all of his/her tasks when needed. The Deputy Director is also in charge of the following duties:

● Keeping the Bylaws and Mission Statement updated

● Standing in for the ED for monthly National conference call if necessary

● Preparing meeting agenda, and run meetings.


The Treasurer is the financial manager of the chapter, making sure all of the money is accounted for and ensuring that the chapter is raising money. The Treasurer’s duties are the following:

● Updating the monthly bank account statement

● Planning and executing the yearly fundraiser

● Keeping records of merchandise, money, and membership dues

● Filing taxes with Executive Director


The Communications Director is in charge of the chapter’s public image and outreach to the community and local media. The Communication Director is in charge of the following duties:

● Actively updating the chapter’s website and social media accounts

● Running the chapter Gmail account with the Executive Director

● Manage the newsletter/update Mailchimp account with the Executive Director 


The Secretary is the record keeper of the organization, and is intrinsic to the organization of the chapter. The Secretary is in charge of these duties:

● Updating and organizing the email list

● Updating the monthly Board of Director meeting minutes

● Updating and organizing the Chapter calendar

● Helping to maintain all chapter records

● Planning the time and venue for BOD and Membership meetings