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Board of Directors

Scott Weldon, Exec. Director

Our executive director, Scott Weldon, was a teenager in June of 1971 when Richard Nixon officially declared a “War on Drugs,” stating that drug abuse was “public enemy number one.”
Workplace drug testing started taking off after President Ronald Reagan required it for federal employees in 1986. In the late 1980’s, after working at he same labor job for 11 years, Scott found himself looking for new employment, and facing the discrimination of pre-employment drug testing. He eventually started his own photography business to earn an income, and to avoid the intrusions of peeing in a cup.
Scott moved from Pennsylvania to South Carolina in July of 2016, and founded Lowcountry NORML in January of 2017. At the request of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the chapter became the South Carolina state affiliate chapter in 2021, changing it’s name to South Carolina NORML.


Kristen Mummert, Deputy Director

Kristen is the deputy director of SC NORML. She first became involved with NORML during her time as an undergraduate at Purdue University. Since then, she has decided to dedicate her career to reforming drug policy in a way that is based on both science and compassion. Harm reduction is her guiding principal, and she’s more than happy to discuss the topic with anyone who asks. She has a strong background in psychology and human research. Her duties as deputy director include writing the monthly newsletters, providing insight at weekly meetings, contributing to the growth of the organization, and leading conversations when the director is unable to.


Michael Knight, Treasurer

Michael joined NORML to further advocate for criminal justice reform and freeing those unfairly imprisoned from cannabis prohibition laws. He became interested in the cannabis plant and its potential to revolutionize our modern world by learning about the work of Rick Simpson, visiting the Barcelona Hemp Museum, and reading books about cannabis, such as The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. After working nearly 10 years for a large corporate accounting firm Michael started his own firm, The Hemp Accountant, to serve the growing cannabis industry. The Hemp Accountant offers multiple services: timely financial statements, tax planning and preparation, budgeting, and key performance indicator reporting. email: phone:843-928-1009


Kim Anthony, Secretary

Kim is the Secretary for SC NORML. She became interested in the many uses of cannabis when she was diagnosed with chronic pain 3 years ago. As she began to research its medical properties she become aware of how the cannabis laws are negatively impacting minority populations. With this information she decided that she wanted to be an active participant in creating change in the south and helping those imprisoned by an unjust system. Marijuana legalization can bring relief in an infinite amount of ways to so many people and this is what guides and motivates her activism. She has a background in communication and currently works in higher education.