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News from Lowcountry NORML - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws

SC Attorney General, SLED chief team up to oppose legalizing medical marijuana.

South Carolina’s top two law enforcement officials held a news conference at the State House on Wednesday to build opposition to the legalization o...

South Carolina: Marijuana Decriminalization Effort

Legislation has been pre-filed to decriminalize the possession of certain controlled substances, including marijuana. H. 3276 would impose a civil ...

Terpenes 101: It’s Not Just A Scent

If you walk into a dispensary for the first time or talk to any experienced smoker, you’re going to be presented with an abundance of different strains and flavors.

Today, there are literally hundreds of different strains that are either a sativa, indica, or a hybrid of the two. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling some of these wonderful strains, you’ll notice strong aromas of citrus, lavender, cheese, or even earthy/wood notes...

Marijuana reform isn’t half-baked. Demand change in 2019!

Sign our petition and join thousands of South Carolina residents in demanding meaningful marijuana reform in 2019

Is Your Endocannabinoid System In-Check?

Is Your Endocannabinoid System In-Check? Meta Description: Almost everybody knows that cannabis affects them physically and psychologically, but di...

Is your non-profit looking to raise awareness for your cause?

Is your non-profit looking to raise awareness for your cause?

Lowcountry NORML is in the news.

S.C. Democratic voters overwhelmingly threw their support behind the legalization medical marijuana in the Palmetto State.

According to the state election results, about 82 percent of Democratic primary voters, around 200,255 people, voted yes on the following question:
Do you support passing a state law allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients?

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT at our meeting last night.

The big announcement at our May membership meeting last night is that the nomination phase of our Board of Directors election has started. Nominat...

What is your Mom's favorite flower?

What is your Mom's favorite flower?

May 2018 Newsletter & Meeting Reminder - Lowcountry NORML

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Roadside Saliva Testing Is Probably Unconstitutional

Shared from Chloé White, Policy Director, ACLU of Vermont MAY 8, 2018 | 10:15 AM ... In the wake of marijuana legalization, many state...